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Welcome to Traditional Marine Services

We are a small family owned and run business building, designing, and repairing all types of boats for the discerning boater.  Many boats we build and sell are of our own design.  Should you not see a boat you like but have a design in mind, we can build it and are a Federally licenced boat manufacturer.

We also manufacture our own kayak paddles, and sell Surf-to-Summit products.  The folks at Traditional Marine are serious fishermen and love kayaking. We use the products we sell and we sell them because they meet our expectations for quality and durability.   Below are a few words by some of our clients.

I have been doing business with this company for 9 years during which they have restored my 1962 23' Chris Craft or should i say rebuilt by replacing over 90% of my boat with excellent work!

I have a 42' Fountain with Triple High Performance engines that I have them maintain and keep running with precision, and they have taken care of some fiberglass issues with excellent work!

This company has been excellent with me, I think that they sometimes go overboard in their concern for me and my boats!

Mike Niethercutt

Flint, MI

The paddle is gorgeous! and light as a feather! its amazing! I had a chance to paddle with it just before the lake froze. The paddle slips in and out of the water clean and quiet. It feels great in my hands and “grabs” the water with power- no loss of propulsion by flutter or sloppy entering/ exiting the water. I am looking forward to spring and the chance to put this piece of art through its paces. I am grateful to have had the chance to purchase this beautiful product of your workmanship. Many Blessings, Jeff

Jeff Matthysse

One of our many Etsy Clients

My family and I love these kayaks. We keep them on Lake Michigan and they handle the rough water well, paddle easy, and are just plain fun!  Not to mention, they are beautiful, and comfortable.

Hugh Canduit

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor